Fassett's Washington Pharmacy Law©


William E. Fassett, BSPharm, MBA, PhD, FAPhA and

Shannon G. Panther, PharmD, BCACP


Fassett''s Washington Pharmacy Law is a newly revised edition of the complete textbook for pharmacy students and pharmacists regarding the application of state and federal law to the practice of pharmacy in Washington State. The 2019 edition features an MPJE study guide with a map between the MPJE competencies and the material in the book.


Eight chapters cover all the topics in the MPJE blueprint each chapter indicates covered blueprint areas plus considerable additional material applicable to everyday practice in all settings. The text is organized along functional lines, not areas of law. Each chapter deals with federal and state laws and regulations, applicable common law, and applicable court decisions.


  1. The Law, Courts, and Laws
  2. Becoming a Pharmacist, Intern, or Pharmacy Technician or Assistant
  3. Establishing, Operating, or Closing a Licensed or Registered Practice Site or Business
  4. Providing Drugs and Medical Devices to Patients
  5. Controlled Substances
  6. Patient Information: Collection, Use, Quality Assurance, and Confidentiality
  7. Avoiding Discipline, Civil Lawsuits, and Employer/Employee Difficulties
  8. Legal Issues Involving Payment for Pharmaceutical Services and Third Party Payers

2019 Edition

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473 pages, 8.5 ×11 in., available as a soft-cover trade paperback (no digital edition). $87.95


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Because of changes in how Washington handles sales tax on internet sales, I am no longer selling the textbook directly from this website.