An Allergy Primer (Disease State Management/Drug Therapy, Knowledge-based, Live)


This 90-minute presentation is an overview of seasonal and perennial allergy to inhaled allergens. I prepared it based on 6 years of experience as an allergy consultant pharmacist to a major supplier of allergy serums and individual patient treatment sets. It was last presented in June 2014 at the Northwest Pharmacy Convention in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Approved for ACPE credit through the Washington State Pharmacy Association.



Objectives for Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists:

  • Advise and recommend non-prescription products for treatment of acute allergic rhinitis
  • Recognize drugs in a patient’s history that may interfere with allergy testing, the effectiveness of immunotherapy for respiratory allergies, or make the patient more susceptible to an enhanced reaction to certain allergens
  • Advise concerning, initiate, or modify therapy with prescription drugs used to treat acute and chronic respiratory allergies
  • Answer patient questions regarding forms of immunotherapy, including allergy injections and sublingual immunotherapy
  • Understand how ingested allergens may interact with inhaled allergens


Objectives for Pharmacy Technicians:

  • Recognize when a request for an OTC nasal steroid for use as a “decongestant” should trigger a referral to the pharmacist
  • Describe the storage requirements for injectable allergen mixtures that may be supplied to their pharmacy for delivery to patients

  • Recall the difference in labeling between w/v concentrations and v/v concentrations as used in conjunction with allergy immunotherapy
  • Describe the basic process by which allergy immunotherapy prescription sets are compounded for patients

The presentation includes self-assessment questions using audience responses throughout the program.